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alineado dental 3d
Dr Jordi Fuertes
Tessa LL

Ofertas 2024

Flexible subscription packages


3d cuidamos de usted 

The comprehensive service package that keeps you ahead and constantly productive

Nuevo Basic package

Limited services with no subscription payment for the cost-conscience lab
Software upgrades
New software releases with latest developments including libraries, workflows and tools.
All Patches
Authorized experts help you in your local language and time-zone.
  Pay per call
Training & events
Comprehensive user events and trainings by leading dental technicians and 3d experts.
Special discounts
Save money on additional scanners and software.
Up to 25%  
The packages are available with the following scanners
M400 M400 unlimited


NEW warranty & scanner replacement service


With 3d LabCare

With Basic package

Scanner repair and scanner
replacement to avoid downtime
Up to 5 years 1 year warranty (no replacement)


Expert Training

Todos los usuarios de nuestros servicios
tienen acceso a entrenamiento personalizado, 
eventos, webinars, videos , manuales.

.SprintRay Pro dental 3dprinter high resolution fast accurate cad cam dentist 1

Actualizaciones incluidas  sin pago alguno si no lo desean. 


Soporte global y en todo momento en el training ,
Software, Hardware o servicios de laboratorio.